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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Sense of Belonging

KjerrevegKjerreveg © 2011 Arnestad

A good old-fashioned cart track that takes us back in time, which is also enhanced by the black / white term. The subject is taken from Hvaler. The picture is signed by art photographer Thomas Russ Arnestad.


You've left the big storms
behind you now.
You didn't ask then
why you were born,
where you came from, where you were going to,
you were just there in the storm,
in the fire.
But it's possible to live
in the everyday as well,
in the grey quiet day,
set potatoes, rake leaves,
carry brushwood.

Black OakBlack Oak © 2011 Arnestad

An old and classic oak tree on a field right besides the Norwegian University of Agriculture in Aas, Norway. This is a well known landmark in the region.

There's so much to think about here in the world,
one life is not enough for it all.
After work you can fry bacon
and read Chinese poems.
Old Laertes cut briars,
dug round his fig trees,
and let the heroes fight on at Troy.

~Olav H. Hauge

Drops in the East Wind, 1966


*Olav H. Hauge (1908–1994) lived all his life in Ulvik, a village in the west of Norway on the Hardangerfjord. He translated many English and American writers into Norwegian.

About The Photographer:

Arnestad profile

Thomas Russ Arnestad

About Arnestad Photography

Arnestad Photography (NO 990 983 267 MVA) presents the photographic work of Thomas Russ Arnestad (b.1979, Oslo).
He works as the Head of Photography at
Inviso AS, the largest real estate photography company in Norway. During low season he performs ad-hoc photographic work for numerous clients. Besides interior photography he also shoots a lot of landscape, architecture, cars, products and travel images to name a few.
His interest began, as for many others, with the fascination of light and the beautiful impact it has on the nature surrounding us. From there on, it´s been a long journey to get where he´s at now. His nature and landscape photography, is today as then, a form for recreation and an excuse to spend some time alone.
Recent photos have been targeted into more specific projects and series than before. This is the way to go for getting more thought and substance into the photography for Arnestad.

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