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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Together

Happy togetherHappy Together © Istvan Kerekes 2011

I have become the best and worst I dreamed.
When I move my feet, the ground moves under them.
When I lie down, I fit the earth too well.
Stones long underwater will burst in the fire, but stones
Long in the sun and under the dry night
Will ring when you strike them. Or break in two.
There were always many places to beg for answers:
Now the places themselves have come in close to be told.
I have called even my voice in close to whisper with it:
Every secret is as near as your fingers.
If your heart stutters with pain and hope,
Bend forward over it like a man at a small campfire.

~ David Wagoner ~

(Excerpt from “Old Man, Old Man”)


The Story of this Photograph:  This man and his wife live in Transylvania in a village called Nagykede where the population is only 19. The couple spends the summers in this small village, but in autumn they move back to the city. They are both around 80 ( the husband is 82 and the wife is 78 to be more precise) and, as you can see, they have been living happily together for many, many years. ~(Photographer’s narrative).

Istvan Kerekes, In his Own Words:

I have been dealing with photography since 2007. My favourite subject is The Man. I would like to show the souls behind the faces. Everyone has feelings, everybody loves and breathes. My subjects are usually ordinary people. My main aim is to show their personalities through my images.
One of William Albert Allard’s thoughts on photos and photography is just like mine, I truly believe in it:  “the good portrait is about the eye, the look, since the human soul is reflected in it the most purely.”When taking photos it is my heart that leads me. After I have tuned to the subject I act instinctively.

~Istvan Kerekes

*image posted with kind permission of Istvan Kerekes