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Saturday, July 21, 2012

It Happens to those that Live Alone

412621_370578756306250_1543042777_o©2012 Louise Fryer –Lillesden, Hawkhurst England
It happens to those
who live alone
That they feel sure
of visitors
when no-one else
is there.
456649_371327846231341_690956067_o©2012 Louise Fryer –Lillesden, Hawkhurst England
Until  the one day
And one particular
Working in the
quiet garden
when the
green bud
at the center
of their slowly
opening silence
in belonging
412750_410921028938689_1184876366_o©2012 Louise Fryer –Lillesden, Hawkhurst England
and they realize
at once,
that all along
they have been
an invitation
to everything
and every kind of trouble
~and that life
happens by
to those who
Like the bees
The tall mallow
On their legs of gold,
Or the wasps
Going from door to door
In the tall forest
Of the daisies
415061_394731203891005_404569447_o©2012 Louise Fryer –Lillesden, Hawkhurst England
I have my freedom
Nothing really happened
And nobody came
To see me.
Only the slow
Growing of the garden
In the summer heat
And the silence of that
Unborn life
Making itself
Known at my desk
474320_362081853822607_1513935537_o©2012 Louise Fryer –Lillesden, Hawkhurst England
My hands
Dark with the
Crumbling soil
As I write
And watch
321858_353768784653914_63942825_o©2012 Louise Fryer –Lillesden, Hawkhurst England
The first lines
Of a new poem
Like  flowers
Of scarlet fire,
Coming to fullness in a new light.
~David Whyte
Note: My Gracious Thanks to Louise Fryer for these Extraordinary Images
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