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Smile My Heart Smile ©2012 Louise c. Fryer

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What is Supposed to Happen

Laura by Istvan Kerekes 2012©2012 Istvan Kerekes

When you were small,
we watched you sleeping,
waves of breath
filling your chest

Laura and Istvan Kerekes 2012©2012 Istvan Kerekes

Sometimes we hid behind
the wall of baby, soft cradle
of baby needs.
I loved carrying you between
my own body and the world.

Laura Kerekes 4 by Istvan Kerekes 2012©2012 Istvan Kerekes

Now you are sharpening pencils,
entering the forest of
lunch boxes, little desks.

CurlyGirl Laura by Istvan Kerekes©2012 Istvan Kerekes

People I never saw before
call out your name
and you wave.

Laura 3 peeking Istvan Kerekes©2012 Istvan Kerekes

This loss I feel,
this shrinking,
as your field of roses
grows and grows…

Laura 2 by Istvan Kerekes 2012©2012 Istvan Kerekes

Now I understand history.
Now I understand my mother’s
ancient eyes.

~”What is Supposed to Happen”

by Naomi Shihab Nye

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About the Photographer

Istvan Kerekes

In His Own Words

I have been a photographer since 2007. My favourite subject is The Man. I would like to show the souls behind the faces. Everyone has feelings, everybody loves and breathes. My subjects are usually ordinary people. My main aim is to show their personalities through my images. One of William Albert Allard’s thoughts on photos and photography is just like mine, I truly believe in it: “the good portrait is about the eye, the look, since the human soul is reflected in it the most purely.”When taking photos it is my heart that leads me. After I have tuned to the subject I act instinctively.

~Istvan Kerekes

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