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Friday, July 15, 2011

Haiku My Heart: Soul Protector

IMG_8139-siap BW-1x com

Menjaga Adik © 2011 Adhi Prayoga  with kind permission

Tr. “Look After Younger Siblings.”


No Stable or Star

Wise Foreign Kings Bear No Gifts

She Hums Lullabies

~Noelle Renee 7.14.11



About the Photographer:

Adhi Prayoga hails from Mataram, Indonesia.

Adhi’s hobby is photography and he aspires to be a professional.  He seems to be well on his way.  Currently, he works a regular job in a family business trading motorcycle parts.

The Story of this Photo:

While Adhi was cycling one day up in one of the remote Indonesian villages called love-love gunungsari west Lombok, he happened upon this young girl looking after her young brother while her mother was away at work. Their mother works all day, breaking stones for building materials and they are a very poor family. He took the picture and captured the love of this young girl for her brother and her early responsibility forever.

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