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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Minotaur from Daniel Sousa (film)

1998, 8 minutes, 16mm
Sound Design by Dan Golden
Cello played by Judy Rubin

A loose interpretation of the Minoan myth, as seen through the monster's point of view. Abandoned in a labyrinthine island, the childlike minotaur has as his only companion a playful red ball and a multitude of mirrors. When he sees his own image he imagines himself dancing in perfect synchronicity with a mysterious other. But new characters are brought to the island, and they don't behave like his choreographed twins. Confused and frustrated, the creature has to learn to adapt to a world of uncertainty. But when he can't, the monster's true nature is revealed.

Technique: Most of the character animation was originally hand-drawn on a light table, cut out and mounted on rigid cardboard. This was done so that each replacement could stand up vertically within a three-dimensional set. The set was then lit with fiber-optic lights and shot in stop-motion, using a 16mm Bolex camera. Some of the animation was done as hinged cut-out puppets on glass, using a multi-plane rig.

Festivals and Awards

Anima Mundi International Animation Festival, Brazil
Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia
New England Film Festival, MA • Honorable Mention
Atlanta Film and Video Festival, GA • Honorable Mention
Humboldt International Film Festival, CA • Best Animation
Big Muddy Film Festival, IL