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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hands of Love


DSC_0158-01Osszetartozunk 2 ©2011 Istvan Kerekes

Hands are Here

to Reach Out in Love

DSC_0156-02Osszetartozunk 1 ©2011 Istvan Kerekes

To Take Hold ,

in Constant Friendship,

When Support is Needed

Friendship KerekesKep ©2011 Istvan Kerekes

To Faithfully Stand By and Wait,

Cherishing Each Moment,

Quietly Listening

Kerekes57Vigyazok Rad ©2011 Istvan Kerekes

To Remember

The Many Times

When They were Held

in Love and Protection

ImaIma © 2011 Istvan Kerekes

To Pray

to the One Who is Love and Compassion

Who Knows How Deeply All Our Hearts Need Healing

We Offer All that We Have

and All that We Are in Peace

for Our Friend Joe Spado (Spadoman).

Dove Kerekes©2011 Istvan Kerekes

And Carry Our Love To Him

On the Bright Wings of Hope

and Faithful Friendship.



Linked to Recuerda Mi Corazon Circle of Love for Spadoman.

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